How To Fix Windows Update Error 80240020

This will resolve problems that prevent you from updating Windows. The error indicates that the DLL is either not a COM DLL or it’s corrupt. If it’s not a COM DLL and not being used as a COM DLL by an application then there is no need to register it. If you still see the Windows Update error, you may need to reset Windows entirely. It’s not too complicated, but make sure you’ve backed up everything necessary first.

  • Upon receiving the diagnosis/report of all the things corrected by the troubleshooter, you can download the updates once more.
  • It turned out that my HP printer utilities for my C7280 caused the SVCHOST/CPU issue.
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  • In these situations, you can roll back Windows Update on Windows 10 to fix most of the problems.

If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the link to download order listed. By the way, you can also learn how toinstall the software programs successfully. Due to the nature of feature updates, ensure to back up your data to avoid losses. In the event you lose your data while doing a feature update, get in touch with Wondershare Recoverit to help you restore your lost data.

I found my problem was the windows update issue and I was able to fix it using the how to stop Windows update. I read somewhere else that the 100% CPU/Svchost.exe issue is related to HP printers. After reading that, I went through each Service (via Start/Run/services.msc) in alpha order. I “Stopped” each one that was Automatically started. Had the Task Manager open so I could watch if the offending 99% SVCHOST.EXE stopped, too.

What Is Svchost Exe? Is Svchostexe Spyware Or A Virus?

After updating Windows 10, go to check the box of Give me the updates when other Microsoft products when I update Windows. Under Advanced options, uncheck the box of Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows. Specifically, sometimes, you even get the error Windows Defender error 0x800705b4 as Windows Defender can’t start and protect your PC. Registry Editor shows DWORD (32-bit) values and QWORD (64-bit) values as “REG_DWORD” and “REG_QWORD” types of registry values, respectively. An application will create the proper registry value that it needs in order to comply with these bit length rules. Both DWORD (32-bit) values and QWORD (64-bit) values have a blue icon in the Windows Registry.

Step 2 Delete Two Folders

Close the command prompt and open your Windows Update to see if it is OK now. It may seem surprising, but one of your programs or services might have taken against Windows Update, which means your PC is a kind of battlefield now. The point is, in a situation like this, you have to pick sides. Search for the option called ‘Windows Defender Antivirus Service‘ and ‘Windows Defender Firewall.’ Double-click on each of these options and check if they run currently.

This error alert flashes an error code “0x d” on your Windows 10 and appears when you wish to update your software or try to download a specific program or package. SmartPCFixer is an excellent Windows registry cleaner; a system that runs at optimal state. Powerful and effective scanning technology is utilized to help the user quickly identify errors and invalid entries that cause computer slow, freezing or crashing.

Try doing it using the administrative Command Prompt. If you do not have this file, you need to install the Microsoft Windows 2000 support tools. To do this, place the Windows 2000 CD into the computer and run setup.exe from \SUPPORT\TOOLS directory. First off, we’ve updated the decryptor on github to include two new files. One is the compiled build of the executable to make the tool more accessible and the second is a sample encrypted file “spider.png.blackbyte” that can be used to test the decryptor.

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